We are proud to introduce Hottinger's ETF Signals, a system of advanced algorithms
specifically designed for wealth managers seeking to...

Improve performance and increase Excess Return


Hottinger’s ETF system is simple to use. Positions are held for just one week. All signals and recommended action are developed and emailed to you in advance of the opening each Monday.

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Because each trade is held for no longer than one week, the use of these algorithms does not demand a high capital requirement. And if options are used in place of shares, then that requirement is even further reduced. (Please note that our sample results are based on just a 100 share trade.)


When measured by their CAGR values, our algorithms are fairly priced. Especially so when subscribers order signals on several ETFs, and with this information, are able to serve a multiple number of clients.

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We invite you to accept our Free Trial. No credit card is required. You can test one or more programs for up to 7 weeks without charge. (We do not invoice for a partial month of service; and a 1st month's invoice will be voided by your cancellation notice.)

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Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide Wealth Managers with dependable tools that will enable them to enhance client results by increasing alpha while limiting capital exposure.

Thus, these trades are designed to last only one week at most.

(Results shown are computed without the benefit of stops or targets.)

These, our latest 21st century algorithms, are based on earlier work, but are now designed to be self-correcting and to minimize the use of capital.

We invite you to explore our sample results; then compute for yourself how just one of these programs could have enhanced your prior annual performance.

Please note, and we want to emphasize, that our payment structure is so designed that we do not make money unless you do.

Lastly, we invite you to take advantage of our Free Trial - - no credit card is required. And in closing, be assured your privacy will be respected: we do not collect, sell, or spam our visitor and client addresses.

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